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Bubble on a liquid

  1. Nov 10, 2014 #1
    Anyone ,

    what the bubble in the fluid will be if we compressed the fluid with high pressure?
    for example the fluid is oil with high viscous.
    does the bubble change in phase? (condense)
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    The pressure inside the bubble equals the pressure outside, so what happens depends on how much pressure we're applying and how the material in the bubble behaves when subjected to that pressure.

    In the common real life situation in which bubbles of air have been introduced into a hydraulic system, the air compresses and the bubbles shrink when pressure is applied to the system.
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    Strictly the bubble pressure will be higher because of a surface tension term in the force balance equation which acts to try to collapse the bubble. To counter this, there must be a pressure difference across the interface
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    Thanks for your Answer, i also perceived this case in hydraulic term, whatever the pressure inside the bubble but what i exactly want to know is the ability of the bubble to shrink, how far it can go for shrink, let say that i can produce a very high pressure to compress the liquid and the equipment has very high rating of pressure.
    does the bubble remain there?or it change its phase ,or shrink to some particular size and cannot be compressed anymore ( like solid )...
    sorry for my poor English..
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    The molecules cannot dissappear but they can change phase under sufficient pressure. THe exact conditions required to cause a phase change will depend on the gas and are summarised in a phase diagram.
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