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Buddy List

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    I can't figure out what this does. I added someone thinking I'd get an e-mail every time they posted even in threads I wasn't susbscribed to, but nothing like that seems to happen. I can't determine that adding their name has had any effect whatever on anything.
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    I've only found two features of it. One is you can get a quick drop-down list of your buddies to see which ones are online. I don't find this terribly useful since you can find the same information from a quick scan of the list of members online on the main index page. The other thing that you can do from that drop-down menu is to check the names in the list to send PMs to all of them without having to first go to the PM page and type their names in. That's more helpful if you're PMing a bunch of your buddies at once.

    Other than that, I haven't found any other features associated with it to make it particularly useful.
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