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Buoyancy Analysis in Pro-E

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    My robotic team and I are constructing an underwater autonomous vehicle. We are trying to do as much of the design process in Pro-E as possible to make life easier for us down the road. One aspect of testing which would be made much easier is buoyancy testing. Therefore, I was wondering if it possible to do buoyancy analysis in Pro-E. If anyone knows more about this it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Not in the standard package. You can only do geometry or mass analysis. You will be able to get the overall assembly CG. I don't know about Pro/Mechanica though.
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    You can do a simple buoancy analysis by doing things like looking at the total displaced volume of the sumersible, the calculated weight, calculating the center of gravity, etc.
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    I don't use Pro E in my current position but I have worked with other engineers who have used Pro Mechanica and they say it's time to achieve a solution can be very long.

    Just thought I would throw that out there.

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