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Buoyancy questions: Submerged vs Floating

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    Is there a difference in submerged objects and floating objects? I know in floating objects that the Force of Buoyancy has to equal the Force of the object, but I'm not sure about submerged objects. What exactly is a submerged object?

    Another question I have: what exactly does volume have to do with buoyancy?

    Lastly: I was given three equations and I wanted to know when and how I used them:

    Fnet = pVdisplacementg

    Fnet = mg-pVg

    mg = pVg (or m=pV)

    All help is appreciated and sorry if these questions seem rather like 'duh' questions, but I simply don't understand buoyancy and I don't want to fall behind in class.
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    My bet is that this thread is the next one to get sent downrange to the Homework forum...
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