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Cable support

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    I have a project of more than 40 floors in height, in which the cables go from ground floor to each of the floors (1 tube 2-1/2" PVC + 4 conductors THHN 3/0 + ground in the higher floors ) The designer recommends the use of OZ / GEDNEY type S cable clamps with pozi-grip These supports are very expensive and I want to know what alternatives are there to support the cables since the path is long.
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    What country is this for? What electrical codes apply to these wire runs? Is it allowed to use non-conducting PVC tubing for wire runs in commercial buildings where you are?
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    If you may interrupt-and terminate- the pvc conduit all 60 ft [see NEC Table 300.19(A)]-4 floors about-you may use usual support grips -Hubbel-Kelems-for instance. A box or a piece of covered cable tray is to be provided in this place. See-for instance :
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