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Cadence Inverter layout lambda based design

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    I am creating layout of cmos inverter in cadence virtuoso
    using 0.18um technology. channel length is 2Lambda = 0.18um
    I read that contact should be 2Lamda X 2Lambda
    that is 0.18um X 0.18um right
    but my LVS Check is throwing error telling that contact must be 0.22umX0.22um
    whats might be the reason ?
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    It depends on the technology. For an older process like 0.18um the kit should be well debugged but maybe you're using a not-well-supported kit (since you're using the lambda rules.

    Making a contact larger than minimum is never a problem so I advise you increase the size of the contact to 0.22umx0.2um to get a clean layout.
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