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Calculating KVA delivered on 3 phase feed

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    For a building powered by a 3-phase feed, I need to estimate the amount of power available to 120v & 208v loads in the building.

    If the feed delivers 200A at 600v, is this 200A per phase (meaning 360 KVA total) or a third of that?

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    you have not clearly mentioned supply voltage. from where the 600v comes into picture?

    assuming phase to ground voltage as 120 (phase to phase voltage 208) and load current as 200A
    Power = 3 * 120V * 200A
    = 72000 VA
    = 72 KVA
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    Correct, the voltage supplied to the building is 600v per phase.
    200A is the max current available on the 600v feed.
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