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Calculations for impulse magnetising device

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    I have been looking for a decent electrical forum for quite some time now.

    Here is my problem. I own a service and rewind company where we rewind and service electrical motors. We also repair servo motors. A lot of times, due to bearing failure, the magnets on the rotor overheat and demagnetise. So I need to build a magnetising machine on the principal of capacitor discharge.
    I would need help with calculations about capacity of the system, PCB design. I am able to build everything myself.
    Or if someone knows a company that sell this equipment. I found a few in Germany and Belgium, but they sell industrial product meant for serial production and the cost of those machines is too much for me.

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    A magnetizing machine is always BIG, because it must achieve several tesla, for which no magnetic core material exists, so this need many MW, and also many kJ.

    In principle it's nothing more than a capacitor discharged through a thyristor into a coil, but when you put the induction and volume required, you get immediately uncomfortable figures which are unavoidable, and then losses add up, and you get tens of kA and capacitors taking 1m3...
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