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Caltech and mit graduate programs

  1. Apr 14, 2009 #1
    My goals are caltech and mit phd/ms programs.

    What must i do at the very least?????? Besides the tests of course...
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    good grades (4.0), good recommendations, a couple of acceptable papers and research here and there
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    Okay...my gpa is poor...but my major was in biology from berkeley. I'll probably publish some things... What else can i do to get into mit or caltech? Shall i get acquainted with a professor from mit/caltech?
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    I don't see that pestering a professor will help.

    You were told you need a good GPA. That should tell you what you need to go: get your GPA up. You'll also need to get the appropriate background in physics, which means more classes - so now you have an opportunity to get your GPA up.
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