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Can alcohol (ethanol) remove or destroy dishwasher liqiud?

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    Can alcohol (ethanol) remove or destroy dishwasher liqiud?!?

    hello friends..please answer me on this question .. if there was a little dishwasher liquid on skin with and contacted with some alcohol on it,and if alcohol mixed with dishwasher can it destroy or remove dishwasher?i ask this question for this issue : We use syringe to take a blood samples and transfer liquids out of the body. I’m talking about take a blood samples with syringe.. Anyway The needle is used to pierce the top layer of the skin, and we can take a blood from the bloodstream. So the needle (sharp point of the end) must contact with skin and after this it can come in body and take blood from bloodstream……. if someone wash his skin with dishwasher liquid but doesn’t wash his skin carefully and some dishwasher was(remain) on the skin ,so needle first contact skin with some dishwasher liquid on it ,and after this needle come in blood stream and take a blood sample..so my question.. can dishwasher liquid on skin come in blood sample (syringe ) by needle??i mean needle contacted with skin with dish washer liquid and pick up some dishwasher on it sharp point (on the contact area with needle and skin for pierce the skin) so some dishwasher come in blood sample by needle???(of course skin contacted withsome alcohol(not much) so its possible that dishwasher liquid mixed with alcohol!!)..please help me to know..sorry my English isn’t good hope I could say my mean... Thanks a lot..so dishwasher mixed with water and finally mixed with some alcohol .
    i mean dishwasher liquid get in syringe (blood samples) not my bloodstream.thanks a lot :smile:
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    Re: Can alcohol (ethanol) remove or destroy dishwasher liqiud?!?

    The reason you use the alcohol swab before withdrawing blood or injecting something is to prevent stuff on the skin from being carried into the "wound" produced at the puncture site. So I would think it possible that contamination from the skin could find it's way into the sample and/or the bloodstream but I doubt you could measure it unless it was a 'very special' contaminant... like it was highly radioactive for example. I can't imagine how a non-coring needle could capture or carry enough of the surfactant through the skin for it to be a concern, especially if the puncture site were swabbed with alcohol beforehand.
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