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I Can anybody give me a list of all cross products in physics.

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    Can anybody give me a list of all cross products in physics. I have the following in my list:

    Angular momentum
    Biot-Savart law
    $$\vec{dB}=\dfrac{\vec{i dl}\times\hat{r}}{r^{2}}$$
    Lorentz force law
    Poynting vector

    Can anybody help me in increasing this list as much as possible.

    Please not that I am not talking about the curl operator

    (My guess is there there may be at least 50 different cross products in all of physics)
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    Are you counting the cross product as a computational aid in dealing with physical bodies, or are you just interested in occurrences in physical laws? A small list of the former, but enough to get an idea, is presented in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_product#Applications
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    Are you counting curl as a cross product?
    ##\nabla \times \mathbf{v}##
    There's a fair number of those. For example, Maxwell's equations and vorticity.
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