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Can anybody tell me what are Phosphopepitdes?

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    Can anybody tell me what are Phosphopepitdes ??
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    I've not come across the term before, but peptide denotes amino acids (polypeptides= proteins, peptide bonds join amino acids, etc...) and phospho means with a phosphate group attached (as in phospholipid, phosphorylisation). From this I'd assume an amino acid bonded with a phosphate group.
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    mattyaouw's got it right, but to elaborate a little more...specific amino acids namely serine, threonine and thyrosine contain -OH side chains which can be acted on by any number of protein kinases (enzymes) which can then add a phosphate group. Typically this happens in whole proteins as part of the modification of enzyme activity via phosphorylation, in this case it can be called a phosphoprotein. If you were to cut out the section of the protein containing the phosporylated amino acid(s) you would then have a phosphopeptide.
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    Welcome to PF DocToxyn!
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