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Can anyone explain dispersion to me in simple words?

  1. Feb 12, 2010 #1
    Can anyone explain "dispersion" to me in simple words?

    Can anyone explain "dispersion" to me in simple words?

    like,, when waves escape from a small gap why would they s[read out in circles?

    thnx for help!
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    Re: Dispersion

    Hello Knight ever,

    Welcome to Physics Forums.

    Do you mean "diffraction"?

    Here's a Wikipedia article on diffraction.
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    Re: Dispersion

    tell us what dispersion is. i badly need it for my research. im still clueless for that.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Re: Dispersion

    Dispersion is the relationship between frequency and wavelength. If the index of refraction of a material is wavelength dependent, it is also called 'dispersive'. Dispersion can be generally applied to any system involving waves: surface waves, electron transport in matter, etc.
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    Re: Dispersion

    Dispersion means that the relationship between angular frequency and wavenumber is not linear
    In this case,the wave will deform when propagating,or to say the diffrent components of the waves disperse
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