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Homework Help: Can anyone help me with.

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    Can anyone help me with..........

    Can someone please help me with interaction forces. I am completely stumped about this its making :mad: me really mad!!!!!!!!!:smile:

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    You cannot expect to receive any kind of meaningful help when you are THIS vague. Be specific. If this is a question regarding school work, please use the Homework, Coursework, & Textbook Questions forum. Take note of the rules for that forum before posting.

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    I just dont get the concept of the whole thing.
    A pulley and ramp are frictionless and the black is in static equilibrium. What is the mass of the block? If the degree is 35 and has 20 kg
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    Draw a free body diagram (similar to the triangle of the ramp...) Use trigonometry to find the forces (you have one leg of the triangle already, and all the angles....).
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    When they say the system is in equilibrium, they're saying that the net force is zero: that is, all the forces cancel each other.

    Since it's a static equilibrium, the block and anything else being affected by forces in the system is stationary.
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