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I Can charged baryons flow induce magnetic field?

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    We all think that electric current is the electrons flow without mass transfer in conductor, i.e. charged lepton flow.
    But charged baryons flow can also deemed as "electric" current, e.g. ionic current.
    My question is that charged baryons flow can induce magnetic field? Same amperes, then same B & H?
    Of course, baryons flow is accompanied with mass transfer.
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    Also, electrons have mass.
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    Sure. The LHC beam has a current of about half an ampere.
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    Proton is the lightest ion, a heavy ion with same charge may be +100X heavier than proton, if heavy ions beam same amperes, still same magnetic effect?
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    For the second time, yes. You understand this correctly.
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    understand now, thank you!
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