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Can electrons deposit on a dielectric?

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    I have a question about the interaction of electrons with a dielectric matter; I am not sure if electrons can deposit on the SURFACE of the dilectric(specially ferroelectrics) matter or not (without penetrating into the matter).
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    This is a rather vague question. Can the electrons deposit WHAT onto the surface of a dielectric?

    If you're asking of electrons can be absorbed onto the surface of a dielectric, then the answer is - MAYBE - under certain circumstances. It will then cause the dielectric to be negatively charged (charging effects).

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    What's a surface?; is it one molecule thick? I'm sure that ferroelectrics have more than one molecule thinness of surface charge. If it were one thick, it wouldn't be noticable.

    You can be sure that the migration of charge is such that those layers closer to the surface are have more net charge than lower levels.
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