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Medical Can head transplants be used to save lives?

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    http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,891156,00.html" [Broken]

    So, perhaps one can transplant a terminally ill patient's head into someone's neck for a while (just like in case of Demikhov's dog experiments). Then one waits until a suitable donor becomes available and transplants the head to the body of the donor.
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    We do not have that ability at this time.
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    Suppose that a mother would transplant the head of her prematurely born baby into her neck just like in case of Demikhov's dog experiments. How would the baby develop? Can such a transplant be done with very young embryo's, say a few weeks old?
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    Yes, the transplanted Chimp and dog heads did not survive for a long time. But surely it is possible to solve these problems?
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