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Can I hardwire 12v light to my 110v house wires?

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    I have a strand of 12v led lights that I'd like to use as under mount lights for my kitchen cabinets. Is there a way to hook the lights up to my existing 110v wiring assuming there is a converter necessary?
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    do the LED light units require an AC or DC supply ?
    they are available in both versions

    if AC, then you would need a 110V to 12V transformer plug pack ( wallwart)
    if DC then a 110VAC to 12VDC transformer plug pack ( wallwart)

    have you got a link to the type of LED light units you have so we can make a more informed response ?

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    It requires a DC12V input. Before, I used a 9V wall plug, but now I'm wanting to hard wire them. So I guess I need the 110VAC to DC12V transformer?
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    Yep. Just look for the DC 12V output wall transformer that has a high enough output current rating to supply the needed current to your LED string.
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    Perfect. Thank you.
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    I assume you are not a licensed electrician so anything you hard wire into your mains supply will void your home fire insurance. Best to stick with a plug in tranny
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