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Can my cup hold more tea on the moon?

  1. Sep 6, 2009 #1
    If I fill my cup to the brim on earth the surface of the tea is spherical and concentric with the earths centre.It's like a mini ocean of tea.If I do the same thing on the moon my mini ocean of tea has a smaller radius and therefore a larger volume.Discounting evaporation,expansion/contraction and surface tension edge effects is there a flaw in my reasoning?
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    Hi Dadface! :smile:
    Yes, if the sides of the cup are angled so that the meniscus (the slope of the liquid where it touches the cup) is horizontal, then the centre of the surface will be above the level of the rim, and you can fit more in if the radius is smaller (and independently of g). :smile:
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    Thanks for confirming that tiny-tim.Now I fancy a nice cuppa.:tongue:
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