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Can pulse generators output 100mA?

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    If I have a pulse generator what is the current it can output? It doesnt say in the datasheets

    IF I have a 5V pulse and 50ohm output impedence am I supposed to believe it outputs 100mA?

    And then if my load is 1ohm I should get something near 100mA through it?
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    That depends on your pulse generator.

    If the pulse is not too short, I would expect this to work.
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    Who is the manufacturer and what is the model number of your pulse generator ?
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    100ns pulse
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    Nobody can answer that question without a data sheet. If this is an instrument, then it may have a 50 ohm output impedance, so analyze as if there were a 50 ohm resistor in series. Or it may have settings for the output impedance, or a low impedance mode. I expect 50 ohms.

    To test it, measure the open circuit pulse amplitude, then apply a 50 ohm load. The change in voltage will tell you the output impedance. It will go to 1/2 the voltage if it is a 50 ohm generator.
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