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A Can someone help calculate pressure drop ?

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    I am a non technical innovator trying to develop a new product. Can someone help me calculate pressure drop and flowrate across a cylinder packed with uniform spheres of 10mm diameter.

    I found this online but unable to calculate: https://neutrium.net/fluid_flow/pressure-drop-through-a-packed-bed/

    Fluid: Air
    Required flowrate: 500 CFM
    Inlet Pressure: 4 to 12 inches water column
    Outlet Pressure: Atmosphere
    Cylinder size: 12 inch diameter
    Cylinder height: 12 inches
    Packed Spheres diameter: 10mm (attached is a reference of how the media is packed)

    What should be the required inlet pressure to achieve a flow rate of 500 CFM ?
    What will be the flow rate of inlet pressure is 4 inches water column ?

    Earliest help/assistance appreciated. Thank you

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    Bed voidage and friction factor is confusing me
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    Bed voidage is around 0.26 (stacking spheres ) and the friction factor is what comes out (you'll note that it does not occur in the equation in section 5) .
    5.1 is just a matter of rewriting the same thing
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