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Homework Help: Can someone help me with this equation quickly

  1. May 4, 2005 #1


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    i need to rearrange this formula


    in to linear format ( y=mx+c , y=mx)
    and i need to use logs to do so which i have no idea about.
    I understand the very basics of logs, even if someone could just give me a few clues how to work it out that would be great

    can anyone help, will be v grateful

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    there is no "linear format" for the cos function. You could use taylor expansions to derive its series, but that's about it.
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    are u working on some statistical data?

    I = K (cos(phi))^n
    Taking log on both sides,
    log I = log K + nlog(cos(phi))

    If u put Y = log I , X = log(cos(phi)) and C = log K,
    the equation becomes,
    Y = C +nX

    -- AI
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    yes i am, thanks for your help. What you have said looks right ( as far as i know but i will need to look over it to get the undertanding.

    I need to bascially put some data ( n and k are constants) in to a graph which once rearranged should be a straight line.

    thanks again
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