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Can we apply 'Quantization' only from motion equation ?

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    Can we apply 'Quantization' only from motion equation ??

    Supposing you have the equation of motion (in terms of momenta and position)

    [tex] F(\dot p_{a} , q_{a})=0 [/tex]

    then can you obtain the 'Quantum analogue' without the intervention of the Lagrangian ???

    and another question could we regard the expression

    [tex] \int \mathcal D[q(t)] e^{-\int_{a}^{b}dt \mathcal L (q, \dot q , t)} [/tex]

    as a 'Zeta function' of something evaluated at a point s=1 where

    [tex] \int_{a}^{b}dt \mathcal L (q, \dot q , t)} =logM[q(t)] [/tex]

    being M another functional, so the problems involving Functional integration (if not all many of them) could be sovled by Zeta regularization.
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