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Suggestion Can you modify the necroposting restriction slightly?

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    So it seems that sufficiently old threads have been locked to prevent necroposting. I'm not disagreeing with this policy, but can you change the technical implementation of it slightly? When I want to quote from a post in another thread, what I usually do is go to that post, click the "QUOTE" button, copy what I see, and then paste it in the current thread. So locking old threads has the effect, perhaps unintended, of rendering the quote button inoperable. Can something be done to fix this?
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    Completely ignoring the policy for a moment, and what can be done about the problem on the large scale - you can simulate quotes on your own.

    Start answering. Add [noparse][/noparse] tags where you want the quote to appear. Copy paste text from the original post inside quote tags, and you are partially done - it is obvious what you are answering. For example



    If you want to do it better, modify the first [noparse]
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    Borek, if I did it manually how would I copy over equations and stuff?
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    Equations will be difficult. Still doable, but each equations has to be copied separately.

    More or less:

    You need to add tex tags (like [tеx][/tеx] or [itеx][/itеx] for inline, or twice the double dollar sign/twice the hash sign for opening and closing) in the place in the quote where the equation should be placed. Then go to the post with the equation, right click on the equation, select Show Math As/Tex Commands, mark and copy TeX as displayed, then paste it between tex tags in the quote you are faking.

    For the images you need to use [noparse][/noparse] tags, and check what is the image URI (that depends on your browser) and enter this URI between tags.
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