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Can you stable out a 12v dc pulse?

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    Hey guys. I made myself a pulse circuit but my power supply failed.
    Now I need a way to use a 12v magneto as a power supply.
    But a magneto puts out pulses. Can I put a capacitor or a diode there to make it a steady stream of dc current?

    This is for my go kart 5hp briggs. for turn signal and brake light
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    Are your turn signals tungsten lamps or LEDs? Is there any reason pulses won't work? Yes you can use a diode and capacitor very effectively.
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    edit: id like to still use Leds and my timer circuit to get the blinker speed correct and use the magneto as the power scource
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    LEDs still sorry wasnt thinking straight
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    jim hardy

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    look at the battery charger coil on any electric start lawnmower engine.

    one of those plus a bridge rectifier and huge capacitor will do what you want. 1950's British motorcycle guys used this technique to avoid having a battery.

    look up how a magneto works....
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    For what purpose was this magneto, originally? What information does it provide on the plate?
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