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Can you study too much?

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    I think I've got into a trap of studying far too much. I'd like to know what a reasonable study time would be per day? There have been days I've literally spent the entire day going over material with very few breaks, and I've decided this is where my trouble lies, not in not understanding the material.
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    I don't think you can study too much, as long as you take time to maintain your health and other responsibilities.
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    I used to cram before finals and it worked for sometime. In the long run, however, I had superficial understanding of the subject and I started getting headaches whenever I study for 2 hours straight.

    That aside, I think that students should organize their life and develop better studying habits. An ideal daily studying time would be 2-3 hours.
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    I study all the time when exam is on.We have to study complete books of hundreds of pages a to z . :(
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    Usually Mathematics takes just minutes to study.All it requires is practise .
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    I study an hour or 1.5 a dayor something like that. I know specifically what I want to do in my session so that kind of helps.. back in high school days you get your homework and couldn't make heads or tails of what you wanted to do so spent hours and hours of doing nothing almost xD. I also make sure I get to be atleast 30 minutes outside walking or jogging and whatever. I don't have any scientific mumbo jumbo to explain why, I've felt it helps me concentrate more.
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    It all depends how you study. There are effective and not-so-effective ways of studying. If you feel you're studying longer than you should be, its possible that your study methods are in need of refinement.

    A beneficial change to your study methods can work wonders. Try incorporating some of the following techniques into your routine and see if it helps.

    I think you should put more thought into how you study rather than trying to define a priori the appropriate time length needed for studying. If you're like me, the latter will follow from the former.
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