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News Canadians on Terrorist attacks

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    This was from CRIC Research
    http://www.cric.ca/en_re/analys/ [Broken]
    What I'm wondering is why do Canadians think there is such a difference of opinion between those in the "prairies" and those elsewhere?
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    The prairies is where the mentality is closer to that in the the US. They are the most conservative-right. The Conservative opposition leader Harper is from that area.

    My personnal opinion is that the entirety of central north America is more isolated from the rest of the world, and so more skeptical of it. There are probably much less Muslims and Arabs there than on the coasts and multicutural cites (esp. Vancouver, Toronto, and Montral), this lack of interaction might cause insecurity.

    Also, much of Canada's French population is in the East, and it makes sense to them that Al-Qaida would go after France before them. Yet, any coalition force is probably higher on Laden's list than France. Attacking the Newfies would just be silly.
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    I'm gonna be crude and say the prairies are full of rednecks and thus suffer from lower intelligence. (it's true that U of A has quite low entry standards by comparison to the rest of the country - I learned that today so i had to throw it in :tongue2: )
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    *hands over mouth and face gets red*
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    Good God.
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    Well you know, we Texans are nothin' but a bunch of gun totin' hootin' and hollerin' rednecks ourselves! WOOWEEEEHHH!!
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    You just found out that us Americans are dumb now? Maybe you should be down here with us. You do realize that the majority of us Americans voted for Bush, that should have told you right away about the level of our inteligence :smile:
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    Hey look, more cheap shots at the intelligence level of those who disagree with your political choice!
    What I find amusing is the pure pretentiousness of it all! I mean, you don't even seem phased that, perhaps (and it could be argued easily with facts) that you are more likely to offend someone than find someone that agrees with your gross, and plainly immature, generalization.
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    Did I state my political choice? You just made a generalization about Texans, I made a generalization about Americans. I guess I thought you were being sarcastic, so I thought I would join you in this parade of sarcasm. I guess next time I will need to be more clear, so you Texans can understand what I am saying.
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    Lay it on a little thicker...there are plenty on this board that FULLY agree with "You do realize that the majority of us Americans voted for Bush, that should have told you right away about the level of our inteligence "
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