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News Why Americans Love Obama's Kill List

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    Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/2012/06/09/4032952/why-americans-love-obamas-kill.html#storylink=cpy [Broken]
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    Scooter went to jail. I wonder who is going to jail for these leaks.
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    From the link:

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    "Obama's Self-Serving Leaks, His Selective Outrage and the Need for a Special Counsel"
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    Note that the President hasn't denied that they leaked them intentionally, he just thought that it was annoying that they actually blamed him (his staff) for it.

    This really did backfire on the President, and I think there's more fallout to come. It's just really too bad that the media will sweep it under the rug since they were so complicit in the lack of journalistic rigor necessary to really come to any 'real' (ie: not Obama-fed) conclusion.
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    1. A responsible news organization would contact the WH for comments on this type of story prior to publication.

    2. The news organization MIGHT strike some details from the stories if urged to do so by the WH on the grounds of national security.

    3. Did the WH make any such protestations?
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    The details that were leaked, IMO, were about such closely held activities, it would almost have to come from a mere hand full of people. The Times even says at least one leak came from the WH. http://www.newser.com/story/147827/ny-times-scribe-defends-white-house-leaks.html Put them under oath in front of a grand jury. Unless they are pros, they probably wouldn't pass a test on the box, so I'd get them there too.

    And to skippy1729:

    From the same article note it starts with "The public's right to know about the president and his policies outweigh secrecy and security issues, says David Sanger, the New York Times reporter..." We have a reporter deciding national security weight vs. public right to know. Yep, bet he's and expert that could make that call. Hence you #1, when it comes to the NY Times is a miss.
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    So it wasn't Obama at all then? But I thought there was some shred of evidence that it was an intentional leak? Why else would people keep making these claims, suggesting Obama be put under oath to testify? Surely the only proof can't be "He didn't deny it"?
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    The question is what did President Obama know, and when did he know it?

    The fact that Donilon hasn't been fired or arrested means at this point implies he's acting under the authority of the President.
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    This is why we need an independent council. For outing one CIA NOC we had one to investigate the Bush administration, and he kept going, even after it was known the leak was from Richard Armitage. IMO, what we have here is much worse. The leak of sources and methods in the latest underwear bomb attempt, the leak of the code created by Israel and the US against Iran, UBL Special Ops tactics, etc., and all we get is an internal investigation by DOJ attorneys that aren't even independent of those that are investigated! What a joke!
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    There was a general concern during the first election that there would be perception Obama could not lead a country during wartime. His comments about finding and killing Oasma were actually a turn off for me but I think they felt it necessary to convince people he could be Commander in Chief. The eventual Op to take out Osama, and othe Ops besides, have kept up his image as not being soft on terrorism. I had no idea that his admin actively making plans for this sort of thing were ever meant to be secret.
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    To be clear, I'm not a supporter of the President, however, I do support the actions that were done. And, I don’t think the President is soft on terrorism, but his view of how to deal with it may be at issue. Any President, IMO, will ultimately do what is needed to protect American lives. The question, IMO, is how late do you wait until you do something about a threat. My beef with the President is this information shouldn't be publicly known. The information as to the existence of a Saudi that we had planted, which gave us the heads up on the new style underwear bomb should never have been outted. It was an active operation. As opposed to agent Armatage outted (which Bush people were blamed for); at least she was not in an active OP or in a dangerous region of the world under cover... as far as we know. The publishing of the virus information that pointed toward the US and Israel should never have made it out. With all the viruses floating around, you'd have to wonder if Iran would have figured out it was anything other than an employee accidentally infecting their system with a thumb drive from home. The ID of Seal Team 6 as the UBL team, let alone the discussion of tactics, release of inside information for a movie, etc., is just beyond stupid. The President can declassify, so laws may not have been broken, but the judgment of those involved would appear to be a serious question.

    There’s a interesting post be Judge Andrew P. Napolitano found here http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/06/14/squealing-vs-killing/ His is a typical lawyer issue about rights of accused and due process. While interesting in theory, does the application of that theory mean we have to watch the guy build the bomb and delivery system, and attempt to deliver it before we can defend ourselves? I hope not, but I also would hope that something akin to the FISA court would determine or at least have a say as to target appropriateness. Politicians deciding who to kill and “acceptable” collateral losses really bother me.
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    This thread has become too overly speculative.
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