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Homework Help: Cant understand the question

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    the question is stated as such
    "number 'e' is found almost accurately in a certain computer,and we can consider it as accurate.so each power of it also accurate. so we left to calculate the fracture ie
    [tex]e^x=e^{[x]}e^{x-[x]}[/tex] "the question goes on

    how is [tex]e^x=e^{[x]}e^{x-[x]}[/tex] a fracture
    square cols represent the whole value
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    There may be a language problem here. I think that, instead of "fracture" you mean "fraction" or possibly just "error"?
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    yes fraction
    how its fraction
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    Without additional explanation, your notation is not very clear. By [x], I think you mean the floor of x, or [itex]\left\lfloor x \right\rfloor[/itex]. The floor of x is the largest integer that is less than or equal to x. E.g., [itex]\left\lfloor 2.7 \right\rfloor = 2[/itex].

    Using x = 2.7 in your equation, we have
    [tex]e^x = e^{\left\lfloor 2.7 \right\rfloor}e^{2.7 - \left\lfloor 2.7 \right\rfloor }[/tex]
    [tex]= e^2 e^{2.7 - 2} = e^2 e^{.7}[/tex]
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