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Homework Help: Cantilever deflection

  1. Dec 15, 2008 #1
    I was to find a relationship between the horizontal length of the cantilever and the vertical deflection when a fixed mass acts on the end of it. So the independent variable is the length of the cantilever and the dependent variable is the vertical deflection i.e. vertical distance. I've been doing quite some research regarding the question but found no solutions that quite fit the the assignment. I was wondering if any of you could help me out? The application of the formula(if there is one) will be carried out by me. Thanks in advance!

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    Chi Meson

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    Is this assignment intended to have you find a formula to apply? Or is this an assignment to find the relationship experimentally? I ask this because this is a common experimental assignment.

    THe formula has to do with something called a "shear modulus."
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    The mass of the beam is negligible. I guess our teacher's expectations of us was to find a relationship and then to verify it by means of an experiment.
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