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Capacitor Banks Variation With Voltage and Frecuency

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    I have a 480 V, 200 kVAr and 60 Hz capacitor bank. I need to move this bank to a location with 390 V and 50 Hz, I wonder what would be the resulting power of the bank.

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    Find value of capacitive reactance at 60 Hz
    [tex] X_{60}=\frac{P}{V^2}[/tex]. Now its value at 50 Hz is found from
    [itex] \frac{X_{50}}{X_{60}}=\frac{60}{50}[/itex].
    From the value of [itex] X_{50}[/itex] and using new voltage 390 V you can find resulting power rating of your capacitor bank.
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    Thanks for the reply.
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