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Homework Help: Capacitors connected in parallel

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    Capacitor C1 and C2 are connected in parallel and a potential difference is applied to the combination. If the capacitor that is equilvalent to the combination has the same potential difference, then the charge on the equivalent capacitor is the same as?

    a) the charge on C1
    b) the sum of the charges on C1 and C2
    c) the difference of the charges on C1 and C2
    d) the product of the charges on C1 and C2
    e) none of above

    I got lost in the wording on this one.

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    Let's see if I can walk you through this.

    Give me an equation that expresses the definition of capacitance...

    Next, what is the "formula" for CEQ when several capacitors C1, C2, C3 ... are connected in parallel?
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    The sum of the charges on C1 and C2

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    First ask yourself, "what is the definition of capacitance?" That should probably give you a huge hint. The next hint would be charge conservation.
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