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Capillary length

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    Which materials have high capillary length, and can be found easily? (above 1cm)
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    What reading have you been doing so far on this? What affects the capillary length of a material?
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    The formula is known to me. I just don't want to check each material.(surface tension, and density)
    Do you know where can I find a table of capillary length?
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    Start with a Google Images search on Table of Capillary Lengths :smile:
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    You need to specify two or more materials. The tube, the target material, and depending on the atmosphere the atmosphere.

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    ok, but what value should I put instead of the surface tension γ in the formula? water- atmosphere, water- solid? √(γ/gρ)
    I read somewhere that the capillary lengh doesn't exceed even 3mm for most of the liquids, even mercury. However, if the atmosphere is another liquid, the capillary lengh increases significantly, which makes it easier for my purposes.
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