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Carburators weight vs volume

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    moe in wichita ks
    i started working on carburators in 1965. i read every thing i could get my hands on about carbs. all the info i got from the carb manufactors was that carbs weigh the air and fuel. but i have a couple of guys say a carb uses volume to put the fuel in a engine. so is it weight or volume? thanks.
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    I'm moving this from General Physics to the ME and Aero forum, where it will get more knowledgable feedback.
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    Carburetors basically work by measuring air flow based on pressure difference, or volume flow if you want to put it that way.

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    moe in wichita ks
    thanks for moving this subject. thanks to mech engineer for your answer. i guess i knew what you said, i just thought it ment that the air was weighed, but your answer is very good, thanks
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