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Celestial Revelation

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    Synopsis of Celestial Revelation http://www.penpress.net/religion3.htm
    Chapter 1. The book begins with an historical introduction then moves on to reveal the meaning of the seven spirits, which are identified with the seven planetary rays that is the seven known orbs of ancient culture. The significance of numerology within the book is outlined. The reader is made aware of the books astrological and esoteric nature.
    Chapter 2. The first of four letters to the churches is described giving historical background to the churches in Asia Minor. The identification of each Church with one of the planetary orbs gives the reader a glimpse of what the spiritual universe looked like to John during the first century AD.
    Chapter 3. Three more letters continue the theme of above
    Chapter 4. The Alexandrian school of cosmology reveal John’s throne of God in the southern polar hemisphere.
    Chapter 5. The identification of the cosmic Christ is revealed in the constellations along with the Throne of heaven in the sky. The reader becomes aware of the significance of ancient cosmology and astrology to Christianity.
    Chapter 6. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are discovered in the constellations. The link to the story of Oedipus is made.
    Chapter 7. The mystery of the lost tribe of Dan is revealed.
    Chapter 8. The prophecies begin.
    Chapter 9. Continuation of the prophecies.
    Chapter 10. The planetary theme continues with the discovery of Neptune placing the prophesised events in the 19th century.
    Chapter 11. Up through the events of the 19th century through to the 20th century we close at the revealing of the last planetary orb to be discovered prior to the entry of the beast of the earth (666) on the historical scene.
    Chapter 12. John’s vision jumps back to the 19th century to begin his story of the roots of mans misery encompassed in the 2 World Wars with a disclosure of a vision of a woman in heaven of which the meaning is given
    Chapter 13. The mystery of the numbers 666 and 616 is unlocked
    Chapter 14. The mystery of the 144 000 is unlocked.
    Chapter 15. An interlude.
    Chapter 16. The seven stages in the Second World War are revealed as represented by the seven vials poured out on earth. The making ready for Armageddon begins.
    Chapter 17. The mystery of the woman of Babylon is uncovered.
    Chapter 18. The destruction of Babylon occurs with the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    Chapter 19. The moments closing the Second World War are graphically gone through. The Beast dies. The Age of Aquarius, the millennium begins.
    Chapter 20-22 Esoteric learning for future generations.

    Unseen spiritual forces pervade our universe, and for centuries this has been a subject that has mystified scholars and theologians alike. Just what is the connection between the planets and the destiny of man? A Celestial Revelation explores the link between the Zodiac, the constellations and the prophecies particularly in the book of Revelation. The author looks for many answers about the future of man and the second coming of Christ in the Revelation of St John – the book that closes the Bible. In this new study, which gives amazing explanations for many extraordinary events, we rediscover the original teachings of the early Christians.
    How do modern events in history fit in with the Bible’s prophetic warnings such as events of the Second World War? Pope Pius XII in November 1940, referring to Nazi aggression, remarked – ‘We believe that the present hour is a dread phase of events foretold by Christ.’ In this fascinating insight into the many visions of ancient Christian prophets, we see just how they relate not only to historical events, but also to the discoveries of the planets. Jesus himself declared that we should expect to see signs in the heavens prior to his return, but just what part do the stars and the constellations play in God’s overall scheme? The Divine plan really is working before our very eyes!
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    It is interesting when one starts talking about the bible and prophecy, and signs in the heavens: just make sure you know what heaven you are talking about.

    It is true that it is said that there are many astrelogical signs concerning prophecy, but they are not the only ones. "The Heavens" also often refers to the political force of the time. a star falling to the ground is often a symbol of a leader or a king falling from grace. This was told of King Nebuccaneza when he fell, as one example of may. but bringing the heavens to the grounds, and certian formations of stars etc can easily be refering to political power, depending on the context.

    I dont really want to get into this, cause these discussions have a habit of turning into a symbology based dog fight on what it all really means, but I thought that it might be helpful to keep that in mind.
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    And by the links that you have suggested that they are making in this book, they had better be very carfuly brought together with more than speculation. I am very interested in reading this book now, especily concerning the so called "lost" tribe of Dan and this reavealing of the number 666 and 616. what do they reveal about these numbers? that 6 is the numebr of flesh and man, and that when said 3 times that it is stamped as unrevokable and eternal? Destruction of Baboylon is Hiroshima and Nagasaki? what was so similar between such places? this sounds interesting.
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    Thank you for your interest. The admin will keep me informed by email all who post in reaction to the work. Its new, orginal and thought provoking. For the sake of others that do not wish to be informed of the mysteries prior to reading I wont give away the explanantion of the numbers 666 & 616, dan, babylon etc here. I hope you enjoy the book its explanantions are extraordinary & contraversial.

    Yours sincerely

    Andrew Frew
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    andrew, this topic seems to border a religious discussion and due to the past of religious discussions on PF, we have decided they don't have a place here...sorry, but i will have to lock this topic...

    btw...my input on this quote:

    this author has not done their true homework on "the zodiac"...
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