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Cellular network Probability distribution function of frequency

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    I am trying to model a PDF of frequency for the WCDMA handset. I have found some info on ways of graphing a PDF of transmit power but nothing on frequency. I am hoping there is a way to model this, but think it might be something that requires field tests with multiple phones. Any thoughts?

    Also I am looking into an increase in TRP from a phone due to increased efficiency, specifically the application of a digitally tunable capacitor for impedance matching. I am trying to figure out the best way to calculate the increased TRP, but don't even know what kinda of information I would need. I'm considering just assuming some manufactures efficiency increase (for one of their switching components) and applying that to the RF PA efficiency; power; current draw to find it. I do not know if this is an appropriate method or not. Any Help would be really appreciated!
    Christa Nicole
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    The modulation scheme is pretty complicated so this isn't going to be very easy without getting into a lot of math. You should probably track down some papers on the particular version WCDMA modulation scheme (there isn't just one - different countries have implemented variations at different points in time). The derivation itself will probably have the equation defining what you are looking for.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W-CDMA_(UMTS [Broken])
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