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Homework Help: Center of mass and velocity problem

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    If a particle of mass 5.30 kg is moving east at 10.0 m/s and a particle of mass 18.0 kg is moving west at 10.0 m/s, what is the velocity of the center of mass of the pair?

    I used the equation
    Vcm = P/M
    Vcm = [(5.70)(10) + (15)(10)] / [(5.70)+(15)]
    Vcm = 10 ms

    however, it says that is not the correct answer.
    I don't understand why. can someone help?
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    Re-write your equation with units. Does everything work out? Are you putting the right numbers in the right places? It's hard to tell without units. Are all your signs correct?
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    Vcm = P/M where P is (mass kg)(velocity m/s) and where M is the total mass (kg)

    Vcm = [(5.70kg)(10m/s) + (15kg)(10m/s)] / [(5.70kg)+(15kg)]
    Vcm = 10 m/s

    I'm still getting it wrong.
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    You seem to have put 5.7 kg instead of 5.3 kg and 15 kg instead of 18 kg.
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