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CFD software

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    Hi all

    any ideas wat computational fluids dynamics is all about..
    how should i go about using it, using codes?
    Wat kind of codes are used?
    Is it C programming or stuff like that?


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    Im keen to know more about this too.
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    CFD is the science which goes about calculating numerically the Navier Stokes Equations for fluid flow. It is a great field of knowledge behind it: implementation and developing of new numerical schemes like DNS, programming new codes, and testing numerically N-S equations with experimental data. Currently there are the so-called "Numerical Experiments", where a team of scientists try to set up some problem based on real flow phenomena using analytical considerations (N-S equations) and interpreting the results. A good CFD expert (usually they are engineers) must be able of: setting up a problem analytically, coding it in a computer, and checking, interpreting and testing results with experimental data.

    With the great computer development, Fluid Mechanics Science has been divided into Theory, Experiments and Numerics. This last field has starred the last great advances. Turbulence simulation is one of the challenges of current CFD experts, and it represents a wide line of research.

    About the rest of the question, go to www.cfd-online.com.
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