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Programs Chances in applying for a PhD in Physics (DFT)

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    Hi All!

    I was wondering what are my chances in applying for a PhD in physics...
    I have a master's degree, I was involved in some computational stuff in Density Functional Theory, I also graduated in this field. My problem is, that I have not been some eager-beaver guy with my studies, therefore I have no articles with my name on them, no references...
    How can a guy like me apply for some PhD in physics? As far as I know, I have no chance, for example, to write an article, if I am not a student of a university, and I have almost no chance to apply for a PhD without some references, even I would be some genious... I looked after some opportunities at some universities tho. They don't say anything about what references do I need to succeed with my application, but only two things :
    - GRE General English exam has to be passed,
    - At least two references have to be presented from some of my professors.
    These two things I can deal with...

    Is there a place, where it is enough?

    Please cheer me up... :smile:
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    Getting published before graduate school is very difficult to do, and most students applying for a PhD program probably have not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. The fact that you have your masters and (I assume) a significant amount of research experience makes me think you should be fine. I doubt any school will discount your application on the sole basis of having never been published.
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    Thanks t!m!

    It's just good to hear things go different from place to place. In my country you have almost no chance to apply for a PhD without any published articles.
    Anyway... about what "properties" are the applicants selected then? No university can just say it would give a position for all the students who have just applied for one... Does it matter where one comes from?
    (Guess it does, but that's not good for me, I think.)
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    But didn't you already ask about this in the "How to continue my studies" thread ? Have you already tried applying to IMEC ?

  6. Jun 22, 2006 #5
    Hey marlon!

    Good to "see" you again! :)

    I haven't tried applying to IMEC yet, because some stuff have to be collected first. I have to pass the GRE general, get some references...
    I already have written some letters, tho.
    I'm just curious about my opportunities. IMEC looks fine, PhD research areas are more then fine, but the fact is, that I come from a somewhat nonename university from a little country. I think that does matter and it shortens my chances, so I decided to look around a bit.
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