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Changing the frame of reference

  1. Dec 24, 2015 #1
    I'm currently doing a student project at uni and I'm trying to design magnetorquers for cubesats.Before I make the prototype I need a simulation of what will happen.The problem is that for my calculations,I need to change the frame of reference of the geomagnetic field.So basically I need to go from earth's frame of reference to the cubesat's frame of reference.I've been researching a lot and I haven't found much.Any suggestions that you might think will help?
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    It's not clear what you're trying to achieve, eg whether this is about a velocity boost, a rotation, a change of coordinate type (eg spherical vs Cartesian), or some combination of the above.

    What sort of coordinates are you using in the two frames?

    Do the two origins have a nonzero relative velocity?

    Are the axes of the two frames aligned?
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    Well I have the data for the geomagnetic field but it is in earth's frame if reference.My magnetorquers are in body frame of reference so if I want to calculate the torque, I need to work in the same frame. Both of them are normal Cartesian coordinates. The are not aligned and the body frame is rotating in a given orbit. Sorry if the details are vague, but I'm so confused myself that I don't know what I should look for.
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