Charged bubble problem

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Ahmed Farhan


2. The force due to gas pressure = p(V0/V) dA
The force due to atmospheric pressure = p dA
The force due to electrostatic repulsion = undetermined

3. Though I don't surely know what the expression for electric force should be, I took an educated guess and solved using the relation:
force of gas pressure + electric repulsion = atmospheric pressure force
but couldn't get the expression asked for in the problem. Can anyone please take a look?

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Please show details of your attempt. The question refers to problem 15. Is there anything in that problem that you could list as relevant to this problem?
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electrostatic pressure = σ2/2ε0
where σ=q/(4πR2)
pV0/V + σ2/2ε = p
V0=4/3*π*R03 and V=4/3*π*R3
this follows the result

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