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Charged particles from our Sun travelling too fast?

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    I read somewhere (Wikipedia I think) that charges particles are leaving our Sun and heading for Earth faster than can be explained by current solar models.Is it possible that there is some Hawking radiation inside the Sun imparting extra energy to these particles? Or does Hawking radiation only come from Black Holes?
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    Hawking radiation may seem too theretical but it could also be imparting extra momentum to high-speed charged particles emitted by black holes with accretion discs.The disc mass outside the hole would somehow have to be raising the temperature of the hole.But I'm sure that any calculation to prove this would be immensely difficult.And I'm more like Eisenstein than Einstein!
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    Hawking radiation is specific to black holes only. It's an effect of negative energy states being available inside the event horizon of a black hole. No event horizon means no negative energy states, meaning no Hawking radiation.
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    A black hole with an accretion disc is a mass with another mass outside it.
    The Sun can have one atom at its centre with the rest of its mass outside this atom.What's the difference - that atom would have a Schwarzshild radius.And there could be nothing at the centre of a black hole or of the Sun-what if the centres are just geometrical points?
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    Any object has a Schwarzschild radius. But, the object is only a black hole if all of its mass is contained inside said radius. This is not the case for any atom, nucleus, nucleon, etc.
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