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Chasing Problem

  1. Jun 5, 2006 #1
    Heres a problem that could use some light. Say person A at (0,1) is following a person B at (0,0). Person B moves horizontally with a constant speed v (towards the positive x direction). Person A also moves with speed v, but always in the direction pointing at person B (to chase him). How can we describe mathematically the curve thus created?

    I hope my explanation of the problem was clear, thanks!
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    Do you think A will ever intercept B?
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    I wouldnt think so. Their distance might become infinitely small though, if that means the same thing.
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    So one property of the curve would be that it has an asymptote?
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    That would seem to be the case. But even so, we havent been able to solve the differential equation. Can you try a mathematical analysis? This is not homework, haha, no need for the socratic method.
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    thanks, ill wrestle with that.
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