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Homework Help: Chem/phys question not sure what this is

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    ok this is in my Nuclear chemistry section (go figure)

    a small amount of Pb-212, in the form of 3+ ion, is injected into a saturated solution of PbCl2 that is in contact with the solid salt. A short time later some of the Pb-212 is found in solid PbCl2 in the saturated solution. What does this information tell you about the nature of the equilibrium between solid PbCl2 and its dissolved ions?

    i would assume the solvent is water
    PbCl2(s) + H2O(l) <----> Pb2+(aq) + 2 Cl-(aq)

    so since some PbCl2 would dissociate while others use the seed salt to crystallize the dissociated normal Pb 2+ would be replaced by the isotop Pb 212 so i guess the equilibrium illustrates the natural composition ratio of different lead isotopes

    im just guessing here since knowing that the chapter is nuclear chemistry and the amu average of different elements couldnt possibly be obtained by finding all of the isotopes in the universe
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    You sure the question states Pb3+? Or is it a typo?

    Is chemical equilibrium static or dynamic?

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    oops yeah its 2+ uhmmm its dynamic
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