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ChemEng newbie, looking for motivation

  1. Apr 20, 2017 #1
    Hi! I'm a newbie here from Chem Engineering

    Im trying to build up my motivation back in this major.

    I dont hate Chem Eng courses, but I DONT FEEL MYSELF IS DEVELOPING IN THIS AREA.
    * I chose ChemEng in the first place cuz I was okayy in Sc and Maths subjects BACK THEN in high school, and I randomly choose this since they said its a broad field.

    Outside of classroom, i perform pretty well (!) leading and organizing several events for our club, giving talks, but things are 180 degree different for my major studies. As the year passed I did the homeworks half-heartedly, I dont ask questions in class.

    my cgpa is getting down every year, and right now is at 3.1 :( Mostly, the easier elective subjects saved my cgpa;.

    A*/As for the electives classes Politic/Philosophy/Presentation/Debate etc~
    Basic Sc Maths class : A in Basic Programming, B*/B for Calculus, Chem, Physics.
    Major classes :
    B* for Management of Technology
    B for Physical Chemistry 1&2, ChemEng Calculation, ChemEng Lab.
    C for Organic Chemistry,
    D for Thermodynamics T.T

    Am currently taking Fluid Dynamics, Solid State and Polymer Chemistry.
    So, how do I find my joy back in study? i've always been a high-spirited girl, but this thing is reallyy not going well for me.

    I've applied for Internship from a few companies and currently waiting for their replies.
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    You really should want to get an internship, even if it is not required by your school. Most companies look for that when hiring graduates. Another thing - the internship may help you correct your direction and get you back on track, thinking about the end goal. Always have goals to look forward to. It will help when you feel like not studying, etc to review your goals, and remember why you are doing this.
    I hope this helps.
  4. Apr 20, 2017 #3
    We've all been there, I think. School is a job however, and with all jobs, there are things we don't like to do, but have to. Make a schedule, and stick to it. Everyday go to the library at a certain time, and leave at a certain time. Our brain really likes routine!
  5. Apr 21, 2017 #4
    If you are incapable of being self-motivated, then academia simply isn't for you. I suggest that this isn't the case though, and that you are just a little burnt out. That happens to everyone. As scottdave said, internships and research are a great way to remember why you really love whatever field you're in. As an undergrad, I found that my frustration with coursework often corresponded to times when research was going well and I was learning new and interesting things - without the relief of research, I'm not sure I would've stayed in the major.
  6. Apr 21, 2017 #5
    Most of my motivation for success in college came from working in restaurants washing dishes and bussing tables.

    Motivation can include both the stick (consequences for failure) and the carrot (joys of success). In the grind of a semester, it was often hard to see the beauty and power of all the science when drinking from a firehose at the fountain of knowledge. At those moments, remembering that I didn't want to be working in restaurants my whole life was a powerful motivator.

    The carrot did not become my primary motivator until graduate school.
  7. Apr 21, 2017 #6
    I also agree with Dr. Courtney. Nothing made me prefer the difficulty of physics than the "other kind of difficulty" of standing at a cash register for 10 hours on weekends, ha.
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