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Chemical Vendors in the US?

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    I am in charge of purchasing chemicals for my department in the university and I was wondering if anybody knows any good chemical vendors in the US. I know the basic ones like Sigma, Fisher, Acros, Brandnu, Spectrum, JTBaker, and GFS, but I was wondering if there are other places that have decent pricing and quality for chemicals. Thank you in advance. :smile:
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    It really depends on what you need. For example , I order Alcohol from EMD. Some vendors are better than others with the quality of the chemicals and the relative pricing.
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    VWR (also covers Merck, JT Baker & EMD range)
    Fisher (also covers Acros)
    Sigma Aldrich (also covers Fluka, Reidel de Haan)

    in Canada

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    For catalysts and ligands nothing beats STREM chemicals. They will also custom make stuff for you.

    I also order a lot of stuff from Lancaster and Alfa Aesar.
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