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Chemistry BS, Looking to go into computational chemistry

  1. Jul 12, 2013 #1
    Hi Physics forum.
    I am a BS in biochemistry, looking into going into computer programming with my chemistry degree. I got A's in Gen Chem I and II, Organic Chem, Analytical Chem, Physical Chem, but I sucked at Biochemistry and got a C-. I got a B in Calc II but I was good at the Integration. I just had difficulty learning Taylor and McLauren Series. Dunno, It just felt like ******** when there were no numbers involved. I did really try, I just couldn't help feeling like I could just look this stuff up on wikipedia. Anyways, I don't have great job prospects in R&D b/c of my biochem grades (I got C- in both semesters) and I don't quite feel ready to commit to graduate school (I know people who have gone to graduate school, so I have some(not much) understanding of how much the expectations are.
    So, here is my question.
    I'm going to get a lab tech position at a chemical or research company. With dedication, could I learn computational chemistry from some sort of online or night school, or is this a pipe dream?

    Also, do you know of any colleges or universities that offer this kind of opportunity?
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