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Chosing between 2 universities

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    i am currently in a french university (Université Pierre&Marie Curie, Paris) and i am still an undergraduate (in Physics).

    I plan to make my studies in the US next year, and i can choose between the "George Washington University" and the "University of Connecticut" (Storrs).

    Which one is the best if i plan to finish my studies there ? (phd in physics)

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    why leave Paris ?
    Professors around have not taught you much enough ?
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    'George Washington University'

    is this a black college?
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    BioBen, I am not familar with their Ph.D programs, but you should either aim a bit higher, or look up the faculty at both schools and see if you share any of their research interests.

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    Like the guy above, aim a little higher. Not worth the travel if those are the schools you really plan on going to.
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