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> Cia

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    Could you tell me what is the difference between CIA and BIA :redface:
    Are they neighbors ?

    Thanks :smile:
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    I asked this question of my brothers in arms. They said that I should inquire at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, so I went to Baghdad International Airport to catch a flight back to the US. However, the flight was diverted and I ended up deplaning at Belfast International Airport. The people there directed me to the Border and Immigration Agency. They deported me and I ended up talking to the Board of Immigration Appeals. They suggested that I bring a Business Impact Analysis to the Boating Industry Association. But first they did a Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis on me. Man did that hurt, but I'm back in action now.

    None of this really answered my question, so I headed to Cleveland International Airport to get a flight to NY so I could visit the Culinary Institute of America and ask them. They directed me to the Canadian Institute of Actuaries who sent me on to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. From there to the Comedic Improvisation Alliance and then on to the Creators of Intense Art. They suggested I see a Certified Internal Auditor who showed me his child's alphabet book. It turns out that CIA and BIA are right next to each other.
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    CIA wouldn't want to BIA.
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    What is BIA?
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    I think this is all that's needed to address the problem with the question. Jekertee, rather than us wind up assuming our first impressions of what those initials stand for are the ones you mean, could you spell out what those acronyms mean? As you can see from jimmysnyder's very humorous response, there are a lot of possibilities. Then we can get on with discussion once we know better what we're discussing. :smile:
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    I thought BIA is also police related. I am sure I have seen the term on the TV once
    "CIA talked about BIA"

    But google doesn't show any no matter how hard I have tried to really search for it
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