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Homework Help: Clifford Algebras

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    I'm curious about Clifford Algebras,
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clifford_algebra ,
    and their applications in physics
    http://www.ajnpx.com/html/CliffordAlgebra.html [Broken]
    beyond that of the "gamma matrices".

    I'm not well-read enough to say how useful they are and how intuitive they may be compared to other less-encompassing algebraic approaches (e.g. vector-calculus, exterior-calculus, tensor-calculus, spinor-calculus, etc...). Time-permitting, it might be fun to look into it.
    my $0.02
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    Clifford Algebras have another interesting thing, that is that is composed by two sub groups, one the complex (center subgroup) and the other, even subgroup (even subgroup). In quantum mechanics, we utilize the center group, but I have read a book that utilizes the wave function in mathematics of the even subgroup, and it's very interesting question.

    It's possible that we are utilizing wrong mathematics to the right formulation.

    The post before linked talks about it.

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